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And now... TalkTV - it must be time for a rethink of TV news

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And now... TalkTV - it must be time for a rethink of TV news

Oh well... it's a clone of GBNews with a fatter budget.

There is something surreal about news agenda priorities and the way that TV news in the UK is not adequately analysing the growing threat of a nuclear response. The isolated nut jobs in the Kremlin are plainly not enjoying the goading from the West - which is enjoying the sight of Russia's armed forces being humiliated. We're not sure what is more stressful - watching Steve Coogan's flagging career being given a plug on the BBC sofa, or the prospect of glowing in the dark?

And now GBNews and TalkTV are fighting over exactly the same silent majority/ moderate conservative/ "realistic right" audience... and advertisers! But Talk TV has VASTLY more resource from the Murdoch coffers, and his newspapers to plug it. Realistically, GBNews is doomed... so is there a way for them to combine their efforts, and set about creating examples of fresh thinking that is obviously better than turgid BBC TV? Not hard, you would think. We just wish it was possible to lose the commercials;  NOBODY likes the interruptions, do they?

Then the BBC could be shut down and rebooted as a simple (and cheap) public service broadcaster to appease the nations with Welsh, Gaelic, and the Thoughts of Chairman (sic) Sturgeon, without any need for a detailed discussion with the BBC?

It's not obvious why Sky News (now owned by US behemoth Comcast) has chosen to be another stronghold of the hectoring woke hegemony. Possibly because of the mania/malaise that has overtaken the US since the last presidential election - when even more evidence is emerging that the big plutocrat money with a globalist WEF agenda, did indeed influence the election for the worst president in history. Remember that "political correctness" - a precursor to "woke" - ( originated in the US in the 80s when big business did the sums and realised that traditional WASP demographics were being overtaken by "non-WASP" (, and that these were the consumers of the future. Big business could not afford to be called out for advertising with media that was not pushing a relentlessly positive BAME agenda.

The BBC has no commercial pressures, having led many years of charmed life and spent the past 20 years mocking the audience that pays its stipend. The last time the BBC produced anything properly entertaining was 20 years ago - before the woke revolution stripped humour from its tedious output. 'Ello 'ello, Only Fools, Porridge, Yes Minister etc. Not forgetting Doctor Who, before Russell T Davis turned into a tiresome sequence of woke sermons.

So while the BBC and Westminster bubble obsesses over beer, cake, and parties - we should all be a LOT more angry about the COLOSSAL increase in energy costs, the coming food shortages, inflation destroying savings - and the other consequences of a supine parliament being apparently helpless to do anything meaningful about any of it.

"Net Zero" perfectly sums up the Carrie and BJ clown show.

A sense of proportion is completely missing from the cloistered world of the BBC as it carries on regardless to push it's tiresome metrolectual liberal elite woke agenda. Dominic Littlewood telling us when it's the best time to buy a new car and much coverage of £34k+ EVs with their dubious economics and uncertain battery futures. These are still basically experimental electric prototypes because only Hydrogen fuels cells have a real future. A £60k tesla may be fun for the Islington set that drives 40 miles a week to Waitrose and a Hampstead eatery, but not for the rest of us, living out in the real world. And with a perfectly good car that has been built at the zenith of the internal combustion art, and able to last a good 25 years with reasonable maintenance, and deliver 50 mpg. It's interesting that the once-cynical motoring press has been bought by the terrifying performance of many 2 ton EVs with acceleration of 0-60 in under 5 seconds... we digress....

So then, how about developing a combination of TalkTV with GBN?  They could share the adaptable "focal coverage" of emerging trending events, (we hesitate to call it Twitter TV, but...) , and between them continue to expose the irrelevance (and bias) of BBC news and social engineering coverage..?

We are being desensitized to the Ukraine situation, and not putting enough pressure on politicians to sort it out. There is a good argument for the launch of a dedicated news channel that reports the Ukraine situation from all points of view. Especially the horrors and cynical funding for Putin from Germany, plus weapons from France. But the BBC's relentless pro-EU fanaticism is throttling its ability to call out EU countries that are feeding the Russia problem.

There's no shortage of reporting going on in Ukraine if you look just slightly away from mainstream narratives and news services. The reports just need to be gathered, collated, knocked into shape and given "warnings" where necessary. 

Will this cause kids to be traumatized? We suggest that those that play any sort of computer games will already be desensitized to the sight of body parts flying in all directions. The benefits of educating them in the realities of modern politics and its infinite capacity for hypocrisy may outweigh the trauma. After all, it's not as if this is a short-term event, we are now being warned the Ukraine War may last up to 10 years! Really?

Meanwhile, the German cash is paying for devastation like this - maybe they should be required to deposit an equivalent amount in the fund to rebuild Ukraine?

The battle for Popasnaya

What can possibly be done shorten it? The oligarchs would really love to get their yachts and bank account access back. And the west needs to be able to buy cheaper oil and gas once more. So please let's work on developing that theme? Shame the Germans and others that continue supporting the Russian war machine.

Rupert Murdoch's News TV project looked moribund from the off. If only he had had the nerve to launch it as the Ukraine channel, and put Piers Morgan on the front line in a helmet... but Rebekah Brooks - the old school print exec who is in charge in the UK - does not seem to understand the medium and its possibilities. Nevertheless, top marks to Julia Hartley-Brewer who is giving excellent Douglas Murray the opportunity to do what he does best - tell it like it is, not how the Islington liberal hive-mind wished it was.

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