Thursday 29 September 2022

Liz's Great Reset!

Strap in and hold on tight. 

 September 29th 2022 v1.2

First... a reminder of the WEF preferred version... a determined woman who annoyingly wants to get in Klaus Schwab's way...

Fingers crossed, but Liz Truss could be about to begin to fix the mess that was left unsolved in 2008 when the Great Caledonian Calamity, Gordon Brown, claimed he had saved the global economy from reckless US banking practices, moments before he resigned as PM ...and saddled the Royal Navy with £12bn  worth of aircraft carriers, aka "sitting ducks" in the age of pound-shop drones, that anyone with an AliExpress account and a soldering iron can now make. Nevertheless, they provided gainful employment for Brown's Kirkcaldy shipyard constituents for many years.

Whereas all he had done was delay the inevitable "adjustment", and do the foundation work for the WEF (Davos/Bilderberg/Schwab) to manoeuvre into position and exploit the opportunity created by the wreckless behaviour of US politicians and banks - which became referred to as "the Great Reset".  Russell Brand got fully on board with his brand of irreverent (if not completely fearless) analysis at this time...


This reset has since been talked about by all manner of easily duped, including King Charlie , endowed with wholly delusional remedial qualities that would be "good for us" - although they were always going to be far better for the globalist agenda.

The long period of ultra low interest rates has suited the major financial institutions and big companies like BlackRock and Vanguard - all the fanboys of the WEF. Rates like 0.2% are an aberration, when all traditional economics suggested an inflation rate of 2-3 percent is required to keep markets honest.

It has penalized smaller savers and driven investment in volatile stock markets and companies whose values have been pumped up way beyond traditional and rational analysis. GBNews' Liam Hannigan is one of the few financial journalists that can be relied on to talk sense and not immediately contradict himself when the wind changes.

This piece in Telegraph is the best analysis we have seen. Allister Heath begins.

"For the past 25 years, and especially since the financial crisis, the global economy has taken a disastrous wrong turn for which we are about to pay a hideous price. In one of the gravest intellectual errors since communism, many of the world’s cleverest people thought they had discovered the secret to perpetual prosperity. Forget about hard work, deferred gratification, tackling post-industrial wastelands or actually earning one’s keep by creating, building and exporting: there was an easier way.

Cheered on by politicians, central banks kept interest rates low, favoured borrowers over savers, printed money with abandon and engineered an artificial boom in house prices, tech firm stocks, crypto-currencies, bond markets, art and more. This ersatz “wealth” was meant to encourage spending and investment, the tax receipts would fund a generous welfare state, low rates would allow rising government debt, and there would be no need for difficult conversations on ageing, science, tax, competitiveness, incentives or productivity.

Yet it was a Potemkin economy, a facade, a con. Much of the “growth” and wealth weren’t real. The UK was stagnating, not booming. House prices “enriched” the haves while infuriating the have-nots. It was a bubble at best, and a Ponzi scheme at worst, keeping zombie projects alive and fuelling obscene malinvestment. Edward Chancellor’s The Price of Time is a brilliant primer on this tragedy.

This madcap experiment is now ending, killed off by a money printing overdose from Covid, the supply-side dislocation that accompanied the virus and the attempt to put the economy into a coma, and Putin’s war, all of which sent consumer prices rocketing. The necessary transition from cheap to rational money will be traumatic and could trigger a vicious global recession, higher unemployment and bankruptcies. Long-term mortgages are already at 7.1 per cent in America as the old order crumbles, and financial markets are in turmoil worldwide.

This is the context for the punishment beating meted out to Britain. The readjustment that every other country will also undertake – especially much higher borrowing costs – has taken place in accelerated form in the UK, triggered by the financial markets’ ridiculous reaction to the Budget. The pound has fallen disproportionately. Some pension funds were caught out, forcing the Bank of England to intervene."

Heath manages to put the febrile situation into a perspective that is not being discussed by the BBC and other mainstream media, whose agenda since Brexit has been to bring the government down and replace it with one that will re-apply for EU membership. But poor Allister has been mauled by the usual Twitter sheep with reduced attention spans, who are incapable of analysis beyond a handful of trigger words. Although "casting pearls before swine" also works.

Now check out this Redacted YouTube posting. These folks can be a bit excitable, but it is covering what Russia is doing in the Ukraine while the rest of our media appears to be too desperate to bring down the government to pay attention. Their analysis suggesting that Russia was not responsible for Nord Stream destruction makes a change from the EU presumption that it was Russia wot did it. But for the EU to contemplate that anyone but Russia might have done it would raise so many other questions about this turf war between mafia families that would need to be addressed.

Meanwhile, the Labour Party has been quiet about rejoining the EU, but it is going to be back on the agenda once its many closet Europhiles feel they are unassailable, and the opinion polls suggesting popular support amongst voters panicking and seeking safety in numbers. Discreet discussions between Labour and Brussels are gathering pace - they never stopped...

The IMF is the provisional wing of the Klaus Schwab WEF, and will do its best to destabilize the Truss government, which has basically declared war on the WEF ethos and narrative - including a move to question the validity of the headlong pursuit of "Net Zero".  Jacob Rees Mogg has confirmed that it makes sense for the UK to develop and exploit its own fossil fuel energy as part of the overall drive for energy independence.  Those who have seen through the WEF as it has become progressively more unhinged with its declaration that "you'll own nothing, and be happy" are hoping Liz will keep her nerve.  

The plunge into EV world also needs to be rethought as owners suffer range anxiety with poor charger support, and find out that makers are taking big brother liberties with the ability to remotely control vehicles. BMW and Porsche (at least) are charging owners to reinstate features controlled by software that get removed during software upgrades. Plus the realisation that every move they make (including speed) is being logged and reported to High Command.

Will Liz Truss have the nerve to call out the subversive influence of WEF illuminati with their pandemic and climate misdirections?  These are undeniably at the root of the present financial crisis... coupled to the arrival of an easily manipulated geriatric at the Whitehouse?  Is Net Zero the result of Russian funded useful fools?

As an increasing number of people become awakened to the inconsistencies of this situation, with "awake" commentators like Russell Brand and Joe Rogan observing and challenging the contradictions... is there hope that Liz might double down and announce that the climate debate has been hijacked by well-intentioned but misguided folks who have been programmed with a "carbon" obsession, when it is difficult to sustain an argument that the UK should freeze in poverty because it contributes 1% pa of the CO2 that makes up 0.04% of the atmosphere. Yes, that's 1% of 0.04%.

(Chief Secretary to the Treasury) Chris Philp's touching ingĂ©nue honesty is endearing and apparent. He might be in the right job at last. In the wake of JRM, he actually said the UK would be increasing oil and gas exploration and production, at last. 

It seems that BBC has been told to bring down the government as fast as possible, as there is a danger that Liz & Co will be able to explain their cunning plan and and in the process, undermine and expose the indoctrinated WEF countries who will inevitably suffer even worse consequences for not acting. Germans are becoming aware...

' Germany's future looks bleak due to war-based sanctions and an energy crisis. Germans continue to protest  - but will it do any good? We ask academic researcher Ralph Schoelhammer what we can expect from Germany and what he calls "incompetent politicians." '


Meanwhile, I have a friend who has been trapped near Kiev in Ukraine since the start of the war, with a severe neck injury that means he can't travel long distances - and this is his latest update...

"Making progress albeit slow thanks.  Left leg is working better but left hand is still pretty much get muscle exhaustion.  Anyway, at least I can see a consultant on the same day and if I need tests or to see another consultant, that happens there and a country that is at war.  The NHS could learn a lot..."