Sunday 17 March 2024

The evolution of TV from 405 line band1 broadcast VHF, to Online TV

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The story of broadcast media: from an X post at

This is a tale for media nerds. I will be interested to see who can be arsed to read it and comment - and I will happily incorporate and amalgamate comments as it rolls along. But it seems like a good waypoint in the story of media to look back over broadcast TV and note its passing.

Strategically, the total dependence on online access for all our information and entertainment creates insane vulnerabilities in society, when with a fraction of the power the government is about to control, we have already been spun into a multi-trillion dollar frenzy of conspiracy and false narratives, by the so-called elites of globalisation and their apparently compliant mainstream media cohorts

Monday 11 March 2024

Moonshot challenges and new employment opportunities.

Moonshot challenges and new employment opportunities... 

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C'mon, you know we need and want the excitement. 

Let me start with the ultimate financial advice: no one in the history of mankind has ever spent money or wealth more carefully and thoughtfully than the person who created that wealth in the first place.

Inter alia, It is an unavoidably good argument against income tax..."Would you spend your hard-earned cash buying a missile for the war in Ukraine, or would you keep trying harder to find an alternative solution to dealing with that mess?"