Tuesday 17 January 2023

Cancelling Clarkson


Jeremy Clarkson's main sin (he has a few) is to leave it too late to draw attention to the systematic destruction of the Monarchy by a calculating narcissist and her performing pet prince - backed up by the many high priests and disciples of global wokery.

This episode may well speed the replacement of old-fashioned spontaneous communication by the painstakingly planned, executed and analysed mind games, devised by "professional communicators" and PR consultants.

Before any approved public utterance there now has to be a detailed analysis of how everything will fit into the narratives of the attention and surveillance economy that drives every action and reaction of modern living; and I don't like it much.

The internet - pervasive networking that puts the entire accumulated knowledge of mankind a few milliseconds away from any keystroke - has inexorably and fundamentally changed the nature of communication. The act of creative writing once meant when you had an idea, you wrote something, it got edited and published and read - in order to avoid cancellation it is now a series of carefully designed procedures that are designed using manipulated psychology to manoeuvre the target audience into exposing its weaknesses and susceptibilities - and then pouncing on and exploiting them for the purpose of selling and/or brainwashing. Generally both.

And then tracking and monitoring any response to extract the last drop of information to add to the targets' profile for further future exploitation. 

There is no spontaneity left. This is sterilised thinking - free from the bacteria of off-topic musings that  might ferment a serendipitous (off topic) idea or two and lead the reader into unexpected meanders and tributaries of a developing thought process.

Old-fashioned critics from the bygone age of media have been reinvented as "influencers" who are self-appointed "thought leaders" to tell us what we are allowed to think and say - if we want to avoid being cancelled by the star chambers of the bien pensants.

Yet intuitive writers (I am thinking of Jeremy Clarkson) still exist (for now) and have enthusiastic followings that seem to appreciate a style that is still largely based in an old-fashioned robust and healthy (trigger-rich) stream-of-consciousness. This offers a familiar and relatively unguarded insight into the writer's mind, life and times that is not filtered through the tedious prism of probity of a hive mind that mostly exists to ensure that no one could be offended.

Such a dissertation is likely to be interesting, insightful, spontaneous, entertaining and possibly even "edgy". Which is everything that Harry and Meghan and their phalanx of po-faced supporters are doing their best to eradicate.

Self-censorship was very much the thing for those who used to (and still) live under communist regimes. It saved the official censors a lot of work. People knew they were going to get into a lot of trouble if they spoke what they really thought. So they did not. As a result, there were two kinds of truths: the official one, and the one you spoke at home. When you spoke at home, you had better make sure that the kids don’t hear you before they are old enough to understand, and go along with it at school.

Ukraine is providing the hot war that is draining the economies of the west - directly with arms supplies that are used up in seconds, and less direct but even more costly boycotts that have raised energy costs to double inflation. And our subversive media is busy recreating all the evils of the Soviet era cold war mind games across society.

Remember Yuri Bezmenov - his video warnings of the 30-year-long game of old school state subversion needs to be played on all Channels at least twice a day. https://youtu.be/1ZlRdKPVbuU

Monday 16 January 2023

Saving the Conservative Party 16jan23

Saving the Conservative Party?
V1.0 16jan23 http://poelposition.blogspot.com/2023/01/saving-conservative-party-16jan23.html

After 13 years of "premiership" ( if not quite proper full control government) is this the pinnacle of Conservative government achievement...?

Although this is primarily the view from the UK, it applies pretty much anywhere in the world were a subversive Marxist strategy is working with cleverly but insidiously manipulated social media to drive traditional generational dissent, and define the dividing line between easily manipulated woke kids, and a dismayed (presumed reactionary) older population that finds itself marginalised and ostracized for holding the commonsense views that once bound the fabric of a stable society. An older generation that is being abandoned by the numbers people to what they calculate is a fate of diminishing economic value and inevitable extinction.

I have now spent the entire lifespan of social media evolution observing, studying and thinking deeply about the apparently inevitable extermination of the Conservative Party - and I have a simple and direct suggestion that will make a fundamental difference. It may also be the only possible strategy that will work in the very complex circumstances of 2023. 

Do the opinion polls also mean the extermination of moderate conservative values? Apparently not, since many of those are what has now taken Keir Starmer and a dysfunctional Labour Party from the brink of oblivion to a massive lead in the opinion polls!

It's something the Conservative Party can make happen with the cooperation and assistance of Conservative Party supporters who want to have a conservative cause to back after the next election, now that the "Boris out" conspiracy has made Starmer's Labour not just electable, but an apparently attractive alternative!

I see that the CDO (Peter Cruddas' Conservative Democratic Organisation) and all forms of traditional resistance to this grisly prospect are described as "a right wing insurgency". And that is the big issue: manipulated perceptions.

My simple idea is to accept that the rules have changed and that there needs to be a "content" creation and production project to develop "conservative content" to get the attention of 8-30 year olds based on the current experience and reality. Carefully tailored and delivered propaganda is the nature of the game that has comprehensively outflanked the Conservative establishment since before Brexit.

In order to slow the rot and begin to restore a position with future foundations, the "silenced majority" must learn the lessons, accept that the current mainstream media is a lost cause as far as any "moderate working class traditional conservative" is concerned, and support its "own" media infrastructure that can commission and develop content that will inform and influence the under 30s in the same way that the (current) BBC, C4, Disney (and the rest of the media that is controlled by the millennial marketing industry) are now the key influential beacons of the unquestioning woke culture. 

The Jesuits (and other major religions) have always understood that influencing the upbringing of 7 to 12 year olds is fundamentally formative for their adult behaviour, especially in a situation where parents are not closely engaged in their upbringing as has happened throughout the west since ww2.

This means determination and engaging the right people - and a modest budget to establish and develop a vetted and trusted core creative and production team.

And learn from success of the dominant "streamers" - a big audience can be attracted to a streaming service with just one hot content property. Amazon Prime video took off by capturing the Top Gear Team. Netflix may have a catalogue of hundreds, but 90% of the viewing is from the popular 5%.

Netflix success includes a lot of controversial "tabloid" cinema, and Disney has been its predictably and magnificently formulaic self… accumulating knowledge of what works and what doesn't that stretches from the original Anaheim Disneyland all the way to the latest Marvel cinematic CGI extravaganzas.

The bad news is that this is probably only half the problem, and that we need to take into account the effects of games that consume so much of kids' attention. The Chinese make no bones about their concerns…

China has put in place a new policy that limits online video game playing for young people to three hours a week.
The new rules restrict online gaming for those under age 18 to one hour in the evening on Fridays, weekends and public holidays.

Well, good luck to the politicians who will have to deliver this! But is there any realistic alternative that can avoid the extinction of the broadly tolerant western "liberal conservative" society that has prevailed since WW2?

No wonder the swamp is angling for CBDCs (look them up) to guarantee compliance as society continues to come apart at the seams…