Monday 24 October 2022

Torkies vote to postone Christmas!

Torkies vote to postpone Christmas! 


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Pragmatism is the only sane option for the Conservative Party at this point. Like so much else in UK business, the job of PM has been outsourced to talent from the Sub Continent. 

The hideously white Labour Party is in a curious place, where it is absurd amounts ahead in the opinion polls, yet the Party leader and his shadow cabinet are regarded with very little enthusiasm. Indeed, they seem to be regarded as at least as much of a clown show as the Tories have been recently!

Boris has probably achieved all he could have hoped for at this point. He stepped aside in the interests of stability and unity - and avoid the privileges hassle and the inevitable market convulsions. 

He will have the satisfaction that the world will know he would have won the members' vote had he wanted to. And he will be able to charge even more on the rubber chicken speaker circuit.

Let us not forget that Boris is basically still too woke and lefty, with an unnervingly mad wife promoting  irrational green nonsense; and by now we expect that whatever happens, Boris will always have the chutzpah to be a very naughty boy. He got away with it magnificently as Mayor of "melting pot" London - but failed to realize that the job of PM was a rather more challenging one - especially where the silent majority that is the backbone of Tory support has become the silenced majority at the behest of woke media and activist millennials twittering in the marketing industry.

BUT... Somewhat ironically, the simple pragmatic reality (financial jitters) of the situation has reunified the majority of the turkey lobby fodder behind the Sunak snake. A different story in the country and with the members, of course. 

So the task now is to get the Sunak government moving forward with some engaging and thoughtful policies, so that Boris has a shot when he returns in glory for the 2024 GE. Sunak can be eased out and undone at any time by a Richie Rishi themed campaign. Since he has no need of the money, he might even be persuaded to go quietly at the perfect time - having prepared the way for Boris to come back and campaign in 2024...

The sheer indifference towards Starmer displayed in all the Vox pops we saw last week, was very surprising. Starmer is still balanced on a knife-edge in terms of KormaGate and the all round poor quality of his troops. Not to mention his knee-taking fiasco alongside the ginger growler...

However depressed Conservative MPs might be when looking at opinion polling results, they can take great comfort by recalling that their enemy may have an even bigger death wish... 

Labour leader Keir Starmer 'takes a knee' in solidarity with Black Lives  Matter protesters | Daily Mail Online 

And this is the Labour chairman of the Parliamentary Privileges committee that is due to "try" BJ for misleading the Commons ...

Duncr on Twitter: "@Nick_F3D Labour MP Chris Bryant and #expenses # underpants" / Twitter


Saturday 22 October 2022

The Great Reset is here

Surely the problem we all need to recognise is the subversion of all public servants - and their cohorts in globalist markets - that are operating the rejoin agenda? It has simply not been possible to get anything "conservative" done in the UK for over 20 years: anything from Brexit to stopping illegal migration to curtailing woke social engineering and sedition by the BBC and MSM. 

The cancel culture first explored back in the 70s by the violent animal rights movement showed social justice warriors how to intimidate. And our woefully inept (and thoroughly infiltrated) police are encouraging and supporting the demonstrators and the overall wokewashing of public service.

Somehow the Tory Party leadership was reprogrammed to believe that it was necessary to abandon the traditional silent majority of centre right opinion, in order to appease the upcoming generations of indoctrinated kids. Ironically, many aspirational immigrants come from a realistic and pragmatic world, where they are natural conservatives.

The BBC is now shameless and unfettered in its efforts to undermine absolutely anything and everything the government has tried to do. 

Look at the absurd situation in the US where a "questionably" elected geriatric has been barely coherent, but doing the bidding of the military industrial power brokers. The manipulation of pandemic measures - lockdown and fairy money - has predictably triggered global inflation which is hollowing out the middle class and devaluing its savings. 

And then there is Ukraine, Russia and China to contemplate. The subversion of the United Nations by China and WEF has left the moderate centre ground without any viable global forum and representation.

Russia and China have strong leaders who know that the UK and US are being hmstrung by corrupted media and politics that have been subverted by years of infiltration and manipulation.