Monday 21 November 2022

The Sunak and Hunt Show: the WEF has won! 

The Sunak and Hunt Show: the WEF has won! 

WORK IN PROGRESS Draft 0.0 November 21st

I have waited for the dust to settle and the revolving doors in Downing Street to slow down. And for the markets to stabilise to show the angry Gods of the Markets have accepted the appeasement sacrifice of the UK Middle classes. And the ritual suicide of the Conservative Party.

The ugly and unwanted imposition of Sunak and Hunt has managed to alienate the heartland voters. There is deep and unreconciled fury for the hijack of the Conservative Party by Sunak/Hunt and what is widely perceived to be their WEF "influencers". The desire to find and support an alternative voice for the silenced majority is growing and will become overwhelming.

The sight of a smug remainer dishing out a punishment beating on middle England and telling us immigration is an economic necessity is borderline incendiary.

Let's open up this post by exhuming the ghost of National Fiscal Disasters Past: who remembers War Loan?

So how about this..?

What if HMG sold UK residents (only) 100m government bonds of £5k each - backed by frackable energy assets with a yield of up to 5% - in return for paying reduced rates of tax? The £500bn would be handy, and it would give a lot of people a stake in the success of fracking.