Sunday 15 May 2022

He thinks it's all over...

Peter thinks it's all over. 

One of the the founding fathers of the European commercial internet - Peter Dawe, founder of Uniplam Pipex - has been peering into his crystal ball for a long while, trying to warn others of what he was seeing, but ever since the oracle Cassandra created the genre, no one wants to believe bad news. 

Peter has recently issued one of his occasional "state of the nation" reports, and coincludes.

"50 years ago, the existential “comet” of the “Limits to Growth” report was spotted by Jorgen Randers and others. The Comet was a long way away, and there was no certainty that it would hit humanity. 

In 2008, I took a look at the “Comet” in my book “The New Noah” and concluded that its track needed to be researched and updated. I funded the “Exoshock” world economic model at Anglia Ruskin University. 

The Exoshock model demonstrated that the “Comet” was still on track to wipe out civilisation, and that this was likely to happen in the next 20 years.

Working from that model, I concluded that the decline of civilisation would occur in a series of
steps, rather than a steady decline, or indeed a one-off catastrophe. However there were steps
society could make that could delay the crash, or at least mitigate the consequences for some.

Over the last 10 years I have sought to warn society, and to get it to take measures that would help.
Sadly these efforts have been unsuccessful. I’m sure many of you will acknowledge that I tried very
hard, using all the tools at my disposal.

The Covid pandemic might have been the catalyst for a crash. However, the world’s governments mostly managed to control the consequences, or at least delay them. Covid seriously damaged the global industrial supply chains. Damage that is still significantly affecting global industrial productivity.

This brings us to September 2021. The global “dash-to-gas”, in order to disguise the lack of commitment to solving climate change, pushed the demand above available resources. This caused a sharp up-tick in the price. As a consequence, Ammonia production, especially in Europe, was moth-balled, in the expectation that the price of Natural Gas would fall back. However, the fundamentals of the industry meant this was not going to happen. So global fertiliser production reduced significantly. I realised that this was a existential threat to civilisation, and started my final campaign to get the world to understand the consequences of this appalling decision.

And then the Ukraine war. This war did for the global food supply chain, what Covid did for the industrial supply chain. The supply of natural gas for fertiliser in Europe simply stopped. Virtually all ammonia plants across Europe closed. Exports of fertilisers from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus also stopped, or at least massively diminished. The consequences of a lack of fertiliser only hit 6 to 18 months later at the next affected harvest. Timing depends on stocks and timing of the harvest. 

So today, we have world leaders announcing that there is about to be a World Food Crisis. However, when one looks at what they are actually doing about this crisis, it makes one despair! Only the US and China have prioritised fertiliser production in the allocation of natural gas. This week, the government of Pakistan SHUT its ammonia plant, to redirect gas to electricity to power a/c system of the middle class! The US is still converting crops to bio-fuels, indeed a recent policy relaxed restriction on bio-fuel production!

I use wheat as a proxy for all basic foods, The international price of a tonne of feed wheat has gone from £140 last August to £340 today. This comes on top of the price of energy doubling over the same period. However, currently the headline rate on inflation is below 10%. How can this happen? The answer is stocks. The world is still eating last years harvest, bought at last years prices. However, those stocks are now exhausted.

The next 6 months, will see global food price inflation reflect the underlying price. Global food prices will at least DOUBLE in the next 6 months. The consequences of this on many civilisations across the globe are indeed existential!

The great problem for me up, is I’ve watched milestone after milestone of the descent of civilisations go pass. For me the Comet has hovered over me for years, getting bigger, getting more inevitable. Over the last period, I have been posting evidence of each milestone we pass. I’m now going to stop posting. There is no longer any point, the next 6 months is set, and what happens as a consequence is totally out of my vision. 

As in “Don’t Look Up,” the “Mad Entrepreneur” built an escape pod, and to some extent I have too. And maybe the pod can be the basis for rebuilding a better civilisation. 

To borrow from another seminal book. “Bye and thanks for all the fish”

And here we go... (21May22)


Africa starves:

...there is much worse to come...

Don't be distracted by talk of climate, Africa has always been a victim of drought and other climate extremes long before time climate change became a thing.

This present situation is now seriously compounded by Putin's single-handed destruction of Ukraine grain and cooking oil industries, and his part in the energy crisis. His propaganda even taunts the West by suggesting Europe will be overrun by starving refugees.

All of these things should have been seen coming by our politicians and the hopelessly shambolic United Nations... who have barely mentioned the rapidly increasing population in territories where food is always going to become an issue at the first sign of trouble. Elon Musk's insistence that the world is underpopulated is so bizarre, you have to wonder if he is actually all there at times - the world has no buffer capacity or regions left for food surplus growth or population migration. A small crisis quickly grows and spreads.

The big question is "are we going to accept there is currently nothing that we can do about this, and concentrate on putting on our own oxygen mask and life jacket (as per the safety instructions on an aircraft) or are we going to be distracted by the sight of possibly 20% of the earth's population starving, and go down in flames with them?"

The self-sufficiency of the United States and Canada is the envy of the world. Yet both of those countries are under the control of leaders who are demonstrably unfit for the task, and who appear to be manipulated by the Klaus Schwab WEF gang.

And all the BBC and UK media continue to talk about is partygate...

Friday 13 May 2022

Elon Musk's battle for free speech

Elon Musk's battle for free speech flushes out the enemy...

Updated May 13th 2022
The conspiracy of liberal elite money, influence and politics to intimidate Elon Musk is typical and deeply sinister. The effort to associate all aspects of populism with the "extreme right wing" betrays the liberals' fear that free speech will inevitably expose the cultural Marxism that is the foundation of its subversive manipulation of public opinion. Control of the permitted vocabulary of public debate first "became a thing" in the form of political correctness, and has got far worse over recent times.

A cabal of activist organizations and NGOs signed a letter to companies who advertise on Twitter, warning them to reconsider if Elon Musk makes changes Musk has pledged to lift the 'censorship' of Twitter: critics worry that he will give free rein to those trafficking in hate speech and dangerous scientific theories. The letter writers said that Musk 'will further toxify our information ecosystem and be a direct threat to public safety'.

But these people seem mostly concerned that they are going to lose their ability to set the social agenda with the cancel culture that started with political correctness and peaked when a president of the US was de-platformed for becoming more powerful than Twitter's ability to intimidate.

They wrote: "Twitter risks becoming a cesspool of misinformation, with your brand attached".

Musk replied, wanting to know who was behind the 26 groups signing the letter, and commenting: 'Sunlight is the best disinfectant' 

Some of the most high-profile "liberal" figures have joined together to encourage advertisers to boycott Twitter if Elon Musk brings in his promised policy of unfettered 'free speech.'

After 26 activist organisations and NGOs signed a letter to Twitter advertisers asking them to boycott the platform if Elon Musk makes content moderation changes, it has been revealed that some of these groups are funded or tied to billionaire philanthropist George Soros, former US presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

After Musk tweeted about “who funds these organisations that want to control your access to information,” the reports surfaced that the groups behind the anti-Musk campaign belong to wealthy Democrat donors and their family foundations, labour unions and the governments of European nations.

Yes folks, it's the usual suspects of the WEF and New World Order globalism. And it is high time we defined the word "liberal".

Does the "silent majority" at last have a champion who is willing to stick his neck out and confront the occupants of the Washington swamp and Westminster blob that have stealthily established themselves as the alternative to democratic government, as vast vested interests learned to manipulate mainstream and social media to achieve their ends without the inconvenience of the democratic process.
The Daily Mail eagerly ran with the story and Liberal Hivemind posted a Youtube video on the topic...

If you are getting the impression that democrtactic governments have been dangerously undermined by the "new money" that has exploded as the tech industry has learned how to exploit online and electronic media using embedded spyware with "atrtificial interlligence" to track and tag users - whilst avoiding all accountability and traditional checks and balances of the traditional media, you would be right. 

Long established bricks and mortar businesses that grew up over a hundred years, employing millions in traditional enterprises were overtraken in value by new tech companies less than 2 years old, that got lucky and rode the hype that was built on bankers' fear of losing out on the next big thing.

The subversive quality of this effort relies on the smokescreen and distraction created by and amplified by social media with its focus on trivia - including celebrity lawsuits, Partygate and Beeergate. We are being buried in trivia while Soros and his cohorts steadily undermine the democratic foundations of any country that has been willing to allow its culture driven by tech manipulation and cancel culture.

It is ironic and tragic that the UK entered the internet age with its BBC World Service respected and largely in control of the soft diplomacy that had been deployed over 75 years - establishing a reputation as a trusted and reliable source of world news and comment.

No unelected and unaccountable offshore behemoth like Meta, Alphabet, tiktok, Microsoft, Apple or Amazon should have been permitted the opportunity to manipulate the judgement of UK residents using information acquired by stealth and spyware.

UK politicians were warned 10 years ago that they would lose control the social agenda unless something was done to kerb the likes of Facebook and Twitter, and now it is too late. UK owned operated and responsible alternatives to all the major social platforms may be the only way forward.