Friday 24 March 2023

Contrails and man-made atmospheric pollution

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The Chemtrails lobby/ Conspiracy has its share of hyperbolic and extremist participants - but arguably no more so than the CO2 lobby. Moreover, the evidence of the chemtrail presence is in the sky for us all to see and evaluate.  CO2 is conveniently invisible, and present in the atmosphere at a level of just  0.04% - so in the finest traditions of religious beliefs, its acknowledgement as the root of all climate change, involves an act of faith.

However, it's well worth seeing this 2007 video at a UN conference, presented by Rosalind Peterson. The "official view" is that it is fringe science and a conspiracy theory, but the Agriculture Defense Coalition appears to have been shut down in 2021without explanation on its website, or Facebook page. A brief google reveals that Rosalind died in February 2018,  and there is a Facebook memorial page. 

Latterly, the creation of curiously exaggerated claims for pollution caused by farming have led to attacks by the governments of Canada and Holland, who have been making life increasingly difficult for their independent farmers. Who knows what is really going on?

Then the spoiler...  with a bare knuckle fight amongst the usual climate warriors in the comments.

Debunked: Rosalind Peterson "Leaker" Addressing UN about Chemtrails and Geoengineering | Metabunk

There is little doubt that a number of those involved in the ADC were/are at the fanatical end of zealous, but that passion doesn't seem to have caused "carbon cranks" too much trouble or analytical criticism with the mainstream media - yet. Greta Thunberg's virtual beatification for her part in making climate change a one-topic campaign against fossil fuels has been a curious journey into mass hysteria, pseudo-science and sleight of media resulting in the cancellation of just about anyone who wants to question the CO2 hypothesis - including those who point out that the one solid correlation between human activity and climate change, is population growth: currently a 220k net per day increase.  The ADC's main strength was to acknowledge that climate change results from a far more complex combination of factors than "CARBON".

So this is another of the many contentious subjects that has divided opinion extremes, and now needs its a public examination to determine what is real and what is imaginary. If it's all bunk, then what have governments got to fear from reporting on these fringe conspiracies with plausible evidence? The problem seems to stem from finding sufficient folks with the necessary blend of common sense, experience and a broad enough appreciation of the science to be able to hold more than one thought in their heads at a time.

The Wikipedia debate on this topic rages...


Thursday 2 March 2023

the greatest story never told

A guest post from a friend. Send your fatwahs to Justin Welby...

“Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.” - Seneca

So let's see... First our omniscient and omnipotent God created the world and put Adam and Eve in Paradise. They could do everything they wanted except eating that forbidden apple from the tree of knowledge. But this was a trap! Our wise God created them curious but wanted them to remain ignorant. They did eat the apple and God got angry and threw them out of Paradise. (God only knows how God can get angry if he is omniscient and omnipotent; anger implies surprise and surely an omniscient God must have known this was about to happen? I guess he must have said "let me be angry" - but that's beside the point because "inscrutable are the ways of the Lord".)

Then Adam and Eve had kids and mucked around a bit. So God became angry again (yes, of course he knew this was about to happen, and, as usual, he just said "let me be angry", because he *wanted* to be angry, because nothing happens without God's knowledge and will of course).

So! To teach those ingrate humans a lesson, he artificially inseminated a woman in Palestine, without bothering to ask her or her husband. She got pregnant while remaining a virgin and bore him a son, the purest and noblest of humans. Then God waited till his son was thirty something and then had him brutally tortured and killed, so that the sins of all the other humans could be forgiven (by the same omniscient and omnipotent God who made them happen in the first place). 

Then God resurrected his son and brought him to Heaven to sing some
hallelujah in praise of his daddy. (Actually, one day of torture is not a bad bargain for eternal life, especially if you have some magic tricks up your sleeve, such as walking on water and healing lepers. Many people suffer far more and yet they get no eternal life. I guess it
pays to be born in the right family of divine privilege.)

And so it was accomplished! God said "let me be a happy God again" and placed his son's corpse on his corporate logo. 

Hallelujah! The world's greatest religion was born and turned the clock of human development back by a thousand years. And still counting, especially in America.