Monday 27 June 2022

The silent majority thinks aloud..?


Work constantly in progress - draft 0.3 Update July8t h 2022

Us and them... let's start with identifying the main players...

You are very likely to be with "us" or with "them". This video is from an unknown source but succinctly identifies and describes the nature and origins of "polarized society". I'd be delighted to learn who this is - although the video goes on to discuss vaccine conspiracies and becomes less comfortable without going full "lead foil helmet". Nevertheless, the familiar questions raised remain mostly unanswered, and facts like the humungous profits being made from liability-free regular vaccine updates.
However, these are the issues at the very heart of the freedom of speech and debate. The desire of any incumbent "establishment" to preserve the staus quo is inevitable, and the lengths to which ruling elites will go to grab or stay in control are driven by a belief that they are the only ones in charge of the "truth"; and that those who seek to depose them must by definition be guilty of sedition. This situation has been amplified across the 30 years of access to online information that has been steadily weaponised by the special interest groups that seek to control the social agenda, and know where trigger points and fault lines can be found to maintain the sense of entitlement that empowers the educational and civil service establishment.

 This meme has evolved for a while ...

Please keep in mind that this can be adapted by other groups who feel they have been unfairly oppressed and gaslit by a conspiracy of the manipulated media. Try it... just swap out the emotive words... and play your part in the age of spin.

 "I used to think I was just a regular person, but I was born white, which now, whether like it or not, makes me a racist. 

I am a fiscal and moral conservative, which by woke standards, makes me a fascist. I am heterosexual, which now makes me a homophobe. 

I am mostly non-union, which makes me a traitor to the working class and an ally of big business. 

I was brought up as Church of England which now labels me as an infidel. I am retired, which makes me useless. 

I think and I reason, therefore I doubt much that the mainstream media tells me, which must make me a reactionary. 

I am proud of my heritage, which makes me a xenophobe. 

I value my safety and that of my family and I appreciate the police and the legal system, which makes me a right-wing extremist. 

I believe in hard work, fair play, and fair compensation according to each individual's merits, which today makes me an ant i-socialist. 

I (and most of the folks I know), acquired a fair education without student loan debts and little or no debt, which makes me some kind of odd underachiever. 

I believe in the defence and protection of my country and I honour those who served in the Armed Forces, which now makes me a right wing-militant. 

Please help me come to terms with the new me ... because I'm Just not sure who the hell I am anymore!

As if all this nonsense wasn't enough to deal with ... now I'm not even sure which toilet to use.

Incredibly's all just taken place over the last 7 or 8 years! Under a Conservative government."

Let's ponder that last line:  

"Incredibly's all just taken place over the last 7 or 8 years! Under a Conservative government."

The government apparently believes that one of the UK's biggest challenges is the need to build up the (taxable!) workforce; it would certainly help explain a curiously laissez-faire immigration strategy, where young people of working age arriving in rubber boats have been waved through at Dover without formal screening procedures. Although as of April 14th, that is set to change.  Across Europe, the demographics of an ageing population continue to accumulate problems as retirement ages are edged upwards.

And let's be frank, the UK education system has knocked the spirit of enterprise from indigenous kids who are not so much educated as "socially engineered" in schools with notoriously inadequate careers guidance, with a default proposition to go to university and pass the career problem upstream. For most, university now means around £30k in student debt - to study nebulous subjects that rarely include starting and running their own businesses.  However, in Scotland, university is still free, but only if you're a student from Scotland! And those fees are ironically at least in part funded by the English through the infamous "Barnet Formula".

At the same time, government had made starting and running any sort of business far more difficult now than ever before, through the imposition of endless process, formalities and a straitjacket of red tape.

It was Nixon that first coined the phrase the "Great Silent Majority", those citizens who are only "graciously" noticed once every four or five years during general elections, were resigned to be overlooked for the rest of the time. Nixon gave the term a conservative/republican inference.

For the past 30 years, a vociferous minority has largely succeeded in over-representing the opinions of "the left", steadily infiltrating and taking over institutions including Education, the BBC, Civil and Public Service. This has resulted in a fundamentally cultural Marxist society, where ideology masquerading as intellect is a key aspect of controlling the narrative, which comprises "acceptable" language. Alternative viewpoints are not tolerated, but are shouted down while those expressing dissent are intimidated by insult and cancellation, and given no option to contribute to any discussion or defence. 

Evidence? The audience of the traditional press is weighted about 3:1 in favour of small-c conservative opinion, yet the mainstream TV news media mostly reflects the views of left-leaning and "woke" publications like the Mirror and Guardian. The view amongst the metrolectual "bubble" that has been able to infiltrate TV news and social media is that the older generations are dying out, and that all effort should be focused on indoctrination of under 30s.

The over representation of minorities (inc kids) had got out of hand. A recent poll of the US showed the general population believed the proportion of blacks was 41%. But from the July 2021 US census...

White alone,  76.3%
Black or African American alone, 13.4%
American Indian and Alaska Native alone, 1.3%
Asian alone,  5.9%

This can only be the result of "conditioning" by mainstream and social media. So let's ponder that...

We have seen time and again that Facebook and Twitter (especially) are specifically setting out to "socially engineer" their users to force them to adjust their views of the world to comply with their so-called "community standards".  There is no attempt to reconcile this with free speech - maybe government has given orders? It's all quite unnerving as preparations for a universal online identity are taking shape under the usual duress of "what have you got to hide?" for any objectors.

The WEF says "we will own nothing and be happy".  Work on making all money digital so that that your assets can be frozen and sequestrated by politicians in the same way Russian miscreants have been instantly de-possessed, is complete.  If we are not very careful, we will wake up and own nothing, because big brother knows best, and owns it all.

There is an urgent need to create an alternative mass medium for grown up discussion and debate. We urgently need to work out just how the strategy of "divide and rule" by the biased imposition of specious community standards has as lead us into the mess that we find ourselves in.

Keep this in mind at all times: Only broadcast radio offers the off-grid capability that is needed to escape malevolent state interference and censorship.

There are now many topics that the mainstream media, social media and politicians do not want "us" to discuss - the imposition of a wokocracy has replaced meritocracy in the UK - and much of the free world in the past 30 years.  It hasn't gained any ground in those countries we are once again coming to regard as "strategic challengers" if not outright enemies in a Cold War sense; China, N Korea, Russian Federation (including satellites like Belarus) - and those governed by religious laws in Islamic states.

Diversity is not - in itself - strength. Any more than "incest is weakness" - or the horse racing industry would be a very different place. Context is everything.

Diversity has been weaponised as
an ideal and watchword of globalists pursuing ideas of a New World Order, where pretty much any enemy of the incumbent white (Christian) ruling classes of the West during the past 100 years, is their friend.

It has been progressively weaponized and imposed by manipulators that understand the valuable strategy of divide and rule. Diversity disenfranchises and demoralizes the majority, using positive/discrimination that unfairly favours the strident cabal of vociferous minorities.

Countries with a culturally homogenous population have lower crime rates; get over it. Some because religious laws invoke extreme punishments (cf Islamic states), others because they have been comfortable in their own skins and "with their own people" for a long time (cf Iceland).

Yet the most violent and visceral clashes of the past have occurred in places like Ireland, Vietnam, the Middle East and now Ukraine - where the protagonists have been genetically similar, if not identical! But cultural diversity arising from diverging religious beliefs (even sects within the same fundamental religion) is not generally a recipe for harmony. To put it mildly.

Nations belong to their indigenous people and ethnic group, and they come first and foremost in their own country. Few living in a racially pure society - yes, that's wicked and emotive, I  know, but it's also inconveniently true - want to have diversity imposed on them without being asked. People want to keep their country, their jobs and their resources for their people and their culture. Civilized tolerance towards outliers is another issue, and "modulated" by the willingness of the outliers to respect and acknowledge the culture they wish to adopt and benefit from.

Furthermore, in the modern context, "diversity" apparently means "less white people". Modern diversity is an ideology that has become inherently bigoted against white people who have been made to feel ashamed for the assumed sins of their forebears -= and recently triggered by media incitement following the unlawful death of a serial criminal in the USA, at the knee of a criminally negligent cop; BLM is not what it seems! "Diversity" is only applied in European and predominantly white nations; indigenous European peoples are becoming disenfranchised minorities in their own nations. Try promoitio  tolerance and diversity in a Muslim state, and see where it goes...

This unease in society and "friction" suits the globalism narrative. The manipulators know that a population that is scared and agitated can be easily led (pandemics, climate hysteria and wars - anyone?) into handing over their once-fundamental freedoms to the state for "safe keeping".  The warehousing of online IDs in most countries has been led by conditioning with collaborators like google, Twitter and Facebook. All of which now know more about you and your partners than your mothers ever did. (A big subject for another post.)

Another of the unexpected new intake of intelligent commentators that lives far enough outside the bubble to have an objective perspective is Neil Oliver, @theCoastGuy, who again asks the right questions when exploring Joe Biden and the 'new world order'...

Not much to argue with there. 

And now this is a popular meme doing the rounds in June 2022 ... the impasse that defines confrontation politics in the US with its virtual 50/50 division between Republican and Democrat for the past few elections, is making any reconciliation of conflicting ideas and space for new thinking, quite difficult...



Tuesday 21 June 2022

Fault lines in society start with education failures


How as Education has been hijacked..?

Work in progress... upodate 11/7/2022 v0.2

Politically motivated industrial action is another blast from the past, accompanied by rising interest rates, inflation and cold wars. Happy days....

The Boris haters failed in their bids to unseat him over party gate (and the various other human frailties and picadillos that his supporters have tended to "price in" to the BJ package all along). The mob is now onto the next phase of their determination to replace the democratic process and bring down the government by Daily Mirror orchestrated mob rule. The trades unions appear to have given up all hope of the Labour Party mounting an effective opposition with actual policies - and the RMT reverted to the trusty old tactic of bringing the country to its knees through industrial inaction.  Although, the chosen cause of more money for already well-paid railway workers may not work out entirely favourably.

The Great Divide

UK and US society (especially) continues to fracture along the left/right fault lines of globalist cultural Marxism, nurtured, encouraged and fed by seriously scurrilous politicians jumping on nebulous opinion bandwagons like BLM, climate and a curious obsession with gender diaspora.

It all tends to come into focus at the WEF with the crusaders of Klaus Schwab's globalist institutions and oligarchs are eating through the big institutions of government and money in order to place ever more distance between the people and the power to actually determine their lives.  Various networks of "local chapters" of faceless globalism operate via sleeper activists embedded in national civil and public services - such as Common Purpose.  

The left broadly conflates all aspects of "wokism"  (no TV ad-break without a same-sex or coloured family featured; no opportunity to introduce the same-sex partner of a TV game show contestant is ever missed) - this is discrimination at the level of serious brainwashing with a slightly trendier name - and taunts the mildly reactionary populism of what was once  "the silent majority". Most people who just want to be left alone to get on with their lives and families, without being cornered into adopting the tenets of rabid extremism. All the while, the mainstream narrative pushed by the BBC, C4 , Sky and ITV takes is cue from Tony Blair's 1997 junta, whilst "rubbing the noses of the right in diversity".

Fault lines in society start with education, failed by dogma and activists. This principle is applied in every religion:  'Give me a child till he is seven years old,' said St Ignatius Loyola, ' and I will show you the man.' The founder of the Jesuit Brotherhood.

Former head teacher Chris McGovern is a rare voice of sanity in he education "blob":  'we've got a long way to go to catch up to where we were 40 years ago' | Chris McGovern

How has this happened in the UK? 

With years of steady subversion of education, as the UK system was steadily degraded when grammar schools that traditionally provided social mobility based on achievement, were dogmatically dumbed down as comprehensives, Further serious mischief occurred when Blair arranged that all kids - regardless of ability, need or suitability - would go to university - any old university - where indoctrination could take place away from the moderating influence of family. Fundamentally subversive left wing staff and institutions were paid to wash brains in the final flush of impressionable youth. was more than likely. Most uni staff realized they were onto a fabulous earner with wonderful vacations that they would never achieve outside the protective cocoon of further education. Don't rock the boat, Prof!  Also, hanging the spectre of a £30k debt around the necks of graduates on departure, might also help keep them compliant... 

The process of empowering society's fringes and margins was turbocharged in the 1980s by the arrival of the opportunity for any anarchist with £5 a month to locate "fellow online travellers" via special interest online bulletin boards that were the forerunners of social media. And from these gatherings of like minds, propagate outrageous and unchallenged opinions in echo chambers, at light speed. In the early days, disputes amongst online nerds that could not be easily resolved in a civilised manner became "flame wars", and so set the seeds of cancel culture.

All propagandists and psychologists will tell you that people are at their most vulnerable and easily manipulated when worked up into a lather, and the progressive adoption of English as the default global language of communication has also helped to strip away the subtlety and nuance of diplomacy, and reduce political confrontation to a hard core of seething resentment. Social media companies quickly learned that

The murmuring from the Boris haters suggests that a bandwagon of potential strikers is now trundling along and gaining momentum; after all, who would not fancy a pay rise if they are being dished out? More to the point, perhaps, who fears being left off the pay rise bandwagon when they see already well-paid railway workers determined to bully their way to a pay raise on top of well above-average salaries.

Will the government have the bottle to call the bluff and cancel the folly of HS2, and put the money into backed-up resilient fibre communications to every location in the land, and give the UK the scope to allow bright UK entrepreneurs to take home working to the next levels? Given the pace of progress in 3D printers, we can't be too far away from scifi replicators and matter transporter, can we?